Autonomous Mobile Dehydrator (AMD-8)

  • Intended for high-quality drying of fruits and vegetables, while retaining all the beneficial properties and vitamins.

  • Allows to obtain high-quality products that meet international standards.

  • Single loading of raw materials - 250-300 kg.

  • Output of finished goods - 125-150 kg in one cycle.

  • Dehydration cycle 2-3 days.

  • Local capacity from one to three tons of finished products. It is based on passenger car trailer.

  • Dimensions 3.5m x 1.4m x 1.5m.

  1. It consists of a solar collector, a heat battery, a photoelectric converter, an electric battery, a pump for transferring heat carrier, a fan, thermal sensors, a hygrometer, an air filter, an electrode control unit, a processor, a chassis, and a toolbox.

  2. Mobile autonomous dehydrator designed and developed to work in different climatic zones and harsh environments.

  3. Each trailer with a dehydrator has a VIN-code and technical passport and can be used on public roads without restrictions.

  4. Designed for drying (dry-curing) of meat, chicken, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, marshmallows, herbs, tea, etc.

  5. Drying takes place in a ventilated cupboard with internal air circulation. Removal of moist and hot air is provided through a pipe in the upper part of the cupboard with the possibility of changing the cross section with the help of a gate. The heated air is supplied to the racks with raw materials from 2 sides and is discharged to 2 sides, it's ensure uniform blowing raw materials.

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